May-June 2013

In This Issue

In Praise of the Honest Tomato

Recipes for tomato season

Dining and Dancing

Ruby’s Restaurant and Courtyard in Eunice

Cycles of Life Along the Creole Nature Trail

Country Calories

Keeping the weight off is harder here

An Artist’s Awakening

The Saga of the Original Louisiana Tiger

Chatham Roberdeau Wheat

Regional Reports from across the state

The Mississippi Gulf Coast’s Art Scene

There’s lots to see in this mecca for modern art.

Lunch With Aunt Doris

A Guide to Freshwater Fishing in Louisiana


A compendium of what’s hot and what’s not in Louisiana

Kermit Poling

Shreveport maestro keeps the music coming.

A Place Called Perique

This River Road Creole home is a gem among the mansions.

A Staycation guide for Louisianians

Business news from around Louisiana

A Recipe from Miles Prescott

Executive Chef of RioMar, New Orleans


Baseball's Shrine