August-September 2013

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In This Issue

Late Summer Seafood Recipes

Atchafalaya Ramblings

Swamp Stereotypes & Truths

Reality On The Bayou

Louisiana continues to be a hot spot for reality shows.

Acadiana’s Best Poor Boys

A Tradition of Excellence in the Graphic Arts at Acadiana Profile

Thomas Bertuccini, M.D., F.A.C.S.

A Magnificent Home in New Iberia

Acadiana Hospital Guide 2013

The Legacy of Native Acadiana

Friend of a (Man’s Best) Friend

Via traditional and untraditional methods, Roger Abshire of Kaplan combines tender care and strict technique to train elite police- and personal-protection canines.

Nouvelles des Villes

Around Acadiana

Gatherings, carnivals and activities around Acadiana.

Alisha Totina, M.D.

Jayendra Patel, M.D.

Swamp Birding in Lake Martin

From the Kitchen to Congress Street

The meteoric rise of Lafayette landscape artist Kelli Kaufman parallels the almost-fantastical nature of her abstract portraits of Acadiana.