December-January 2014

In This Issue

Looking for Beausoleil

Sanctuary on the Water's Edge

The Latest News from Acadiana

The Story Behind Cajun Mardi Gras Masks

Cozy Bars for the Acadiana Winter

Lost Recipes of Acadiana

45th Anniversary of Acadiana Profile

Artist Gwen Voorhies Comes Into the Light

Once too bashful to share her work with the Acadiana art community, artist Gwen Voorhies' exploration in brighter colors reflects deep thought and humble confidence.

How to Make Canapés

Where to Go for Soup in Acadiana

Around Acadiana

Gatherings, carnivals and activities around Acadiana.

Barrels of Fun

Oilmen by day, David Meaux and Cole LeBlanc chase their dreams after hours as operators of Acadiana’s first rum distillery.

Top 20 Stories in Acadiana Profile (1975-2010)

Tinsel & Treasures 20th Anniversary