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Retailer Spotlight: Zinsel Glass

Lindsey Buonagura

Lindsey, Warren and Tara Buonagura

Cheryl Gerber Photograph

Glass was once thought to be a very fragile building material and used only in windows. These days, glass is not only spectacular to look through but it’s also safe, strong and energy-efficient. No one understands this better than Zinsel Glass, a local company that’s been around since 1920 carrying glass for all commercial, residential and automotive needs. “We are currently a part of several exciting projects such as Tulane Stadium, the revitalization of New Orleans East Hospital and South Market District condos and retail space in the heart of downtown New Orleans,” says Zinsel Glass vice president, Lindsey Buonagura.

What new trends do you see emerging in your business? We are pleased to be a key part in the latest trend of green buildings. Green buildings play a huge part in the world by using high performance glass that helps with energy conservation and efficiency. Smart glass is another trend we find exciting. It’s a very innovative building material. This glass can turn from transparent to opaque, control the passage of heat and light and convert itself from two-way to one-way, all at the user’s command.

What’s the most unique way you have ever used glass? We used glass to create a custom LED serpentine bar top. Another interesting use of glass is custom-fritted pattern glass walls. This allows you to choose a design to print on the glass for either privacy or just to be creative.

Is there a job you are especially proud of and, if so, could you describe it for us? We are extremely proud of the WWII U.S. Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center due to the state-of-the-art glass system and integrated architectural design. The Gravier Street Condo is another one that we truly enjoy because it allowed for a true blend of modern elements in a historic property. We achieved this blend with unique uses of glass, from the glass elevator shaft and handrails to a contemporary shower design.

Zinsel Glass
1120 Lafayette St., Gretna 367-2330

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