SHOP TALK : Don Wise

Co-owner, Louisiana Custom Closets

Cheryl Gerber Photographs

How did you get your start in the business?
In 2003 I started selling out of my home, using my garage as storage. We have been very fortunate, and now we’re one of the top closet companies in the area. We manufacture all our custom closets in Covington and have three installation crews and a talented group of designers.

Why do so many people like built in closets?
Well, obviously they’re great for storage and organizing your house and your life. Also, they make a house very enticing for potential buyers; it definitely helps to sell houses quicker and sets one home apart from the next.

How do you design the perfect closet?
It’s all about the lifestyle and customer needs. All of our designers start there. We have to figure out exactly how much short hanging you need for shirts, blouses, pants, coats and suits. Then you need to determine long hanging for dresses and skirts. Next you have to factor in space for shoes, purses and sweaters. Finally there are the drawer items: socks, underwear, lingerie and jewelry. It is all in the planning.

What about if your needs change?
Storage requirements do tend to change over the years, so it’s a good idea to make sure your system is adjustable – all of ours are. Rods move up and down, shelves are adjustable and drawers can be added or taken away. Our closets can change with your lifestyle.

What’s the ideal size for a woman’s wardrobe?
It definitely depends, but a typical walk-in is six-to-seven feet wide and six-to-seven feet deep; then we can hang on all the walls and maximize the space!

Louisiana Custom Closets
13405 Seymour Meyer Blvd., Suite 24, Covington, (985) 871-0810, 885-3188,

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