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Sep 29, 201708:05 AM
Joie d'Eve

Living, loving, laughing, and learning in the new New Orleans

Autumn Blahs

Trying to pump myself up for pumpkin season

I’ve said before that I’m really not a fall person. I like Halloween, I guess, and Thanksgiving is great – but I’ll take seersucker and Pimm’s Cups over sweaters and mulled cider any day … and don’t even get me started on the pumpkin spice craze.

But I don’t actually have any say in the changing of the seasons, so I try to find things I can get excited about.

Right now, in no particular order, those things are:


1. Middle school and high school football. Both of my daughters are cheering for St. Martin’s this year, so we are at games many Thursday and Friday nights. There’s just something so deep-down wholesome about the whole thing.

2. Boots. I really only like boots because if I wear knee-high boots with a dress, I don’t have to shave my legs.

3. Tights. See above. You can wear tights under a dress and not have to shave your legs.

4. Chilis and stews and soups for dinner. I have a pumpkin and black bean soup that I like to make (even though my kids think it’s poison), and it’s basically fall personified, except without the sucky part where it gets cold.

5. Cute Pinterest-y Halloween treats that I will attempt (and fail) to make for the kids’ Halloween parties at school. Bat-wing cupcakes? Witches’ hats? Fondant skeletons? It all seems possible right now. (I will end up making candy corn cupcakes the night before the party.)

6. Babies in costumes. Costumed babies are my favorite kinds of babies.

7. Scarves? Maybe? Is 37 going to be the age at which I finally learn how to wear a scarf?

8. The end of hurricane season. The peak is over, and the risk is already dropping. Hallelujah! It’s been a rough season.  (If you can, donate to hurricane relief efforts in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.)


I feel like I should have 10 things, but that’s how not excited I am about fall. So you get eight. Because I am definitely not including Pumpkin Spice Lattes. (They taste like melted Yankee candles.)



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Joie d'Eve

Living, loving, laughing, and learning in the new New Orleans


        Eve is further proof, if any is needed, that New Orleans girls can never escape the city. After living here since the age of 3 and graduating from Ben Franklin High School, Eve moved to Columbia, Mo., where she received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Missouri School of Journalism and became truly, unhealthily obsessed with grammar.She had originally intended to strike out to New York City and work in the cutthroat magazine industry there, but after Katrina, Eve felt a strong pull to return home, to her roots, her family, her waterlogged and struggling city – and a much more forgiving work atmosphere that would allow her to skip a routine of everyday makeup and size 0 designer label business suits and enjoy the occasional cocktail or three with an absurdly fattening lunch. She moved back home in January 2008 and lives in Mid-City with her two daughters, Ruby and Georgia; her stepson, Elliot; and her husband, Robert Peyton.Eve blogs about the joys and struggles of living in post-Katrina New Orleans, the unique problems and delights of raising a child in such a diverse and challenging city – including her experiences with the public education system – and her always entertaining and extremely colorful family.Eve has won numerous writing awards, including the Pirates Alley Faulkner Society Gold Medal, the Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence award for column-writing and Press Club of New Orleans awards for her Editor’s Note in New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles and for this blog, most recently winning the award for "Best Feature Affiliated Blog."She welcomes comments, advice, empty flattery, recipes, drink invitations and – most especially – grammatical or linguistic debates.




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