March-April 2012

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Louisiana Life Photo Contest

Your chance to have your photos featured in our magazine!

Around Louisiana

Regional Reports from across the state

How Louisiana Became A State

If You Think Politics is Rough Now...

Biz Bits

Business news from around the state

Texas Travel: Off-the-Beaten-Path Dining

20 top Texas restaurants you may have missed

Health: Medical News in Louisiana

Louisiana Lifetimes

Art: Tanya Dischler

Memories of a burning landscape

From the Editor - 1812: Hail to the Chief

Traveler: Still Standing

Exploring the Louisiana of 1812

A Louisiana Life: Marigold McNeely

Secrets of a code-breaker


A compendium of what’s hot and what’s not in Louisiana

The State that Was

Louisiana and the Age of Modern War

A Guide to Military Sites

Quirky Places: Jeanerette to Calumet

Canoeing on Bayou Teche

Great Louisiana Chefs: Cory Bahr

Executive Chef of Restaurant Cotton, Monroe

Traveling Gourmet: Time for Crawfish

Try it in different ways.

Home: Making the Move

Relocated and restored on Bayou Chenal

The Rural Life: Dreams of Fields

Baseball in the country