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Think of your wedding music as the soundtrack to your most romantic occasion. You’ll want to personalize it to your taste, of course, but also provide some crowd-pleasing hits for your guests after the ceremony is over and everyone is ready to let loose on the dance floor. We asked Jim Dunegan of X-Pert Productions, a DJ company; and Karen Wall, a member of the Twilight Band, for advice.

Jim Dunegan

X-Pert Productions

How long have you been a DJ? The company has been around for 19 years, but many members of our team have been DJing since the early 1980s.

Do you DJ alone or with other people? Depending on the event most of our DJs are able to handle events by themselves. However we do sometimes need an extra hand or two for the really large events.

How many weddings have you performed at, approximately? On average the company does about 800 weddings per year. So, I would say we’re over the 10,000 mark.

What do you like most about being a part of the wedding? What we as a company enjoy the most is having the opportunity to make the couple’s day just a little bit better. We try to do this by offering custom planners and packages. We want them to have an experience unique to them as a couple.

Do you let the bride and groom choose most of the songs, or do they leave it up to you? We encourage the bride and groom to pick most of their music through our online client base. However, many couples don’t mind letting the DJ choose. This is why all of our DJs are trained to be able to pick music solely off a crowd.

What other advice or commentary do you have for a bride-to-be as she plans her wedding? I would advise brides to not wait to the last minute. We have seen brides put off very important parts of their weddings and not get the quality they deserve because they had to settle for a last-minute option.

How long have you been in the music industry? How long have you been in the wedding industry? We were founded in 1994 and have been doing weddings ever since.
Do you perform at other events besides weddings? We provide sound and lights for any occasion. If you need sound then we’ve got you covered.

How do you differ from your competitors? We offer a customizable experience backed by 19 years of experience. Our brides are given access to an online planner that allows them to pick and preview their top choices of music. We also offer custom packages to fit any type of wedding. Every couple is unique and deserves an experience just as unique.

What are the most popular requests? The most bizarre? The most popular request is hands-down “The Wobble” or “Cupid Shuffle.” The most bizarre request I had was from a grandmother who wanted me to play some metal at her grandson’s wedding.


For more information:
799-5905, xpertproductions.com

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