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June 2009

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In This Issue

Cooking and cleaning

Whether you’re dishing up a five-star meal or washing away the cares of a long, hard day, do it in style!

Artist Profile

[Abe Geasland]

Water, water, everywhere

Rain barrels are must-have items for eco-friendly gardeners.

My cup of tea

Summer’s set in, so beat back the heat with a frosty glass of iced tea.

Working out of the home

Architecture firm Bockman Forbes + Glasgow has put its own spin on the concept of “home office.”

Ice, ice, baby

Beat the heat with refreshing frozen desserts in gourmet flavors.

Play it cool

Summer has arrived, and New Orleanians know that means it’s time to be cool — in every sense.

Rugs & Fabulous Fabrics


Bywater for bargains

Noted for its history, architectural diversity and affordable homes, Bywater is thriving.

Heat Wave

Strip-Ease of New Orleans

Kavanaugh Farr

Thrill of the Chase

In New Orleans, there are many ways to find that perfect antique you’ve been searching for.

A splash of the unexpected

Karyl Pierce Paxton creates new New Orleans style

Ingrained in the Past

Bobby Franks of Uptown Restoration brings beloved artifacts back to life.

Davie Shoring

Warren Davie

Some concrete ideas

From code issues to color choices, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when your sidewalk or driveway needs replacing.