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Summer 2012

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In This Issue

Eastern Influence

Antique kimonos make beautiful wall-hangings and are wonderful conversation pieces, but they require special care and handling.

Ice Up

Iced coffee might be a vice, but it’s the best way to make it through a New Orleans summer.

Backyard Zen

Versatile and stylish furniture and accessories can help you create the perfect oasis close to home.

On Vinyl

Judy Gamache DiGeorge finds a new purpose for old records.

Surviving Summer

Cuckoo for Couscous

This versatile food is perfect for the hot days of summer.

Phil Sandusky


A New Spin on Pasta

Try some lighter recipes for the long, hot days of summer.

Here Comes the Sun

Solar power is catching on in New Orleans.

A house made for Summer

With abundant outdoor space, Chris and Shane Guidry can take full advantage of the warmer seasons.

Mint Conditions

This refreshing herb thrives in the summertime.