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Summer Sippin'

A cocktail recipe for those gentle and peaceful moments

Sara Essex Bradley Photographs

June is probably the month that most typifies the lives of New Orleanians. We have endured the rigors of Carnival and festival seasons, and we are on the edge of the higher temperatures to come accompanied by humidity in the same toward-the-top-of-the-scale range. June is a buffer month between the celebrations and the joys of air conditioning.

June is the month of love, with the bells of the grand cathedral getting quite a workout as limos and carriages greet newly married, happy people at the church door after they’ve promised lifetime commitments in front of hundreds of friends who are anxious to experience the great party to come. Schools are finally released and vacations, long-planned, can finally commence.

Strolling though the French Quarter is still pleasurable, dining and drinking along the way, with frequent stops to partake of New Orleans’ great contribution to Western Civilization: the go-cup.

What could be more “local” than walking around the French Quarter, peeking in doorways and windows, with a go-cup from the new dining and drinking establishment, Kingfish, located at the corner Chartres and Conti streets? Kingfish revels in New Orleans and Louisiana culture.

Bar dude of some renown, Chris McMillian, this magazine’s Bartender of the Year for 2011, has created a refreshing cocktail with, of course, a story. You have to hear that from him in person.

She Loves It

3     strawberries
1 1/2     ounces Aperol
3/4     ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
3/4     ounce simple syrup

In a mixing glass add the simple syrup and three strawberries. Muddle. Add lemon juice and Aperol, and fill shaker tin with ice. Combine and shake. Strain into a Collins glass filled with ice. Top off with Prosecco.

Created by Chris McMillian of Kingfish Kitchen & Cocktails

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